Waterjet Cutting

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Waterjet Cutting . . . Versatility, Power, Cost Effective

Waterjets are CNC driven cutting tools that use a stream of high-pressure water; mixed with an abrasive, to cut through virtually any material. Developments in Industrial Waterjet technology over the years have allowed for the process to become more cost effective and efficient for a multitude of applications. Many fabricators and machinists prefer Waterjet-cut parts over laser and plasma due to its superior dimensional tolerances, and no mechanical-stress added during the cutting process. IRC Aluminum & Stainless operates some of the largest Waterjet cutting tables in the Pacific Northwest. Our vast operational knowledge and experience allows IRC to create and customize Waterjet applications to our customer's exact needs.

IRC Waterjet Cutting
IRC Water Jet Cutting

Waterjet Cutting Advantages & Capabilities

  • Thick Parts (up to 11 inches thick)
  • Waterjet Table Size: 10ft 6in x 29ft 7in
  • No Heat-Affected Warping or Deforming from the Cutting Process
  • IRC can cut Virtually any Material, Metallic & Non-Metallic (except tempered glass)
  • Etching & Part Marking (bend-lines, part numbers, material info)
  • Superior Edge Quality Compared to Other Cutting Processes (laser, plasma, flame-cut)
  • Cutting Sensitive and Volatile Materials
  • Large Parts & Small Parts
  • Cutting Hard or Heat-Treated Materials
  • Production Cutting (long-runs)
  • Layup-Cutting (cutting & modifying existing pre-fabricated parts)
  • Long Aluminum & Stainless Steel Parts (up to 28ft long)
  • Small holes ( .063" diameter hole in ½" thick aluminum)
  • IRC can Include External Work-Holding Tabs on Parts For Milling

Common Parts & Shapes

  • Rings & Circles
  • Rectangles & Squares
  • Plate Flanges
  • Aluminum Machining Blanks & Profiles
  • Stainless Steel Machining Blanks & Profiles
  • Gears & Sprockets
  • Food Grade Stainless Steel & Plastic Parts
  • Signage Text & Logos
  • Architectural Elements (all metals)
  • Fiberglass & Composite Parts
  • Instrument Panels
  • Spacers & Shims
  • Bearing Housings
  • Custom Tooling & Fixture Parts
  • Knife Blanks
  • Structural Parts (gussets, stiffeners, base plates)
  • Phenolic Profiles and Shapes
  • Carbon Fiber Cutting & Trimming
Water jet table Parts cut from a water jet

CAD plans for water Jet
CAD plans for water Jet

CAD & Nesting Capabilities

IRC's programmers are well versed in two dimensional CAD and layout-nesting. Our ability to nest your parts in order to attain the highest material yield is second to none. We utilize Sigmanest nesting software for programming and layouts. IRC is committed to providing the best and newest technology to ensure efficient manufacturing methods and part accuracy.

  • For file submissions, IRC prefers to work from a .DXF or .DWG vectorized format
  • For pricing and quoting we can also accept .PDF and some image files

Cut Quality Levels

IRC Offers (3) different levels of Waterjet cut-quality. Each level varies in edge-roughness, tolerance, and taper. The difference between the qualities is based on our cutting speed.

  1. Waterjet A-CUT (+/-.005", Edge Taper: .010" per side)
  2. Waterjet B-CUT (+/-.015", Edge Taper: .030" per side)
  3. Waterjet C-CUT (+/-.030", Edge Taper: .060" per side)

(1.75" Thick 316L SS Plate)
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